A near perfect (and customizable) replica of Apple's navigation bar for Bootstrap.


  1. Download from GitHub, and put with your site's resources
  2. Download Bootstrap and set up your navigation bar as navbar-inverse
  3. Add this line of code After the Bootstrap import, but Before your custom CSS import in the <head> section
    <link href="YourResourcesPath/applenav/applenav.css" rel="stylesheet">
  4. Then, add this line After the Bootstrap JavaScript import, but Before your custom JavaScript import in the <body> section
    <script src="YourResourcesPath/applenav/applenav.js"></script>


Create your own CSS file, and edit the navbar just like you would the stock Bootstrap navbar. If you need to know what properties of what class to edit, you can look at the applenav.css and applenav.js files.